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General About[edit]

Age : 21

Occupation : Student

Location : Norwich, England

Contribution : Nothing yet :rolleyes: -hopefully useful info on coding and Ifeel.

When i do something it will should on my part of the Category:Legacy Journal with any luck :)

I thought i ought to contribute seeing as in the 2 weeks or so i've been looking at the UT2003 code Wiki has been an amazing help. If its not comented in code its straight into the Wiki search :D

I'd also like to say you're damn brave to let people edit all the info here - IMO there are way too many morons around that kinda trust

Mychaeel: Welcome to the Wiki. Fortunately most morons seem to miss the challenge of doing bad stuff to the Wiki, and for the few that don't it's very much easier to revert unwanted additions than to add them in the first place. See Wiki Protection.

Githianki: Welcome aboard!

Piglet: Hello, Welcome etc. Out of interest (with university on my horizon (ie next year)) where are you studying, or does your location give that away?

Chazums: Thank y'all. I'm studying at Stafford Uni doing computing Science - the University itsn't bad i suppose tho i am not a great fan of it. Essex do a good computer course from what my friends say if that the way you're going.

Tarquin: Hi there. Welcome to the site :) On the subject of how wiki can possibly work, see also Wiki FAQ.

Chazums: With any luck i'll be putting a few tutorials up in the next week or two on Bullet Penetration, extending Hit effect (like the sparks from the mini-gun) and maybe something else - if people are interested

Tarquin: see Wiki site stats for an idea of how many people might be interested.... :)

Piglet: Yeh, I looked at Exeter, seemed fairly good. In the end I put down Kent at Canterbury BBB as first choice and Swansea BCC as my backup.

Chazums: Cool, good luck.