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The Unreal Wiki can be a little intimidating if you're unfamiliar with all of the technical details presented on these pages.

If you're new to the wiki or Unreal Development, you might wonder how you can contribute.

Whenever you see a page with CleanMe at the bottom, it means that someone thought the entry could use a decent spell or grammar checking. Run on sentences, typos, capitalization, etc.

It's a great way to show your support and make the wiki a little bit better.

Wormbo: Is this supposed to be a WikiTag? If yes, why isn't it called "Clean Me" (like "Refactor Me", notice the space) and why doesn't the one who adds this tag cleans up the page him- or herself? "Category To Do – clean up spelling" would work as well IMHO.

Foxpaw: Or just refactor me itself.. the two tags basically mean the same thing, although this one is a little less intensive.

Kerlin: Sorry Wormbo. My bad. The reason I didn't clean up the page myself was because I was at work. I sometimes browse the wiki at work and often come across pages that need some grammatical "cleansing". I thought that even if I'm the only one to use the Clean Me tag, it's a sort of note to self that allows me to contribute to the wiki without worrying about handing out wrong info or refactoring out something relevant. It's the least I can do sort of thing what with all of the help that folks have given me I wanted to contribute in whatever way I could. Kill this page if you think the refactor me page is sufficient.