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Legacy:Compound Movers

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Match these tags:

  • Master Brush :: Events -> Tag
  • Slave Brush :: Events -> Tag
		if( !bSlave )
			foreach AllActors( class 'Mover', M, Tag )
				if( M.bSlave )
					M.SetBase( Self );


  • Slave Brush :: Mover -> bSlave = True

Note bad mojo on some mover types (eg GradualMover as master brush, care needed)

computergod666: Wow that's amazing. NOT! I have a Turret for UT, that follows the user's view rotation. I tried attaching another mover to it (why I did is not important), and it rotated with the turret, but only in a horizontal plane. If I looked up or down, the turret would rotate but the attached mover wouldn't. Does anyone know why?

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