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Object >> BrushBuilder >> ConeBuilder (Package: Editor)

This creates a Cone for the editor's red builder brush.


the height of the cone
only matters when hollow, it is the height of the hollow part (from the bottom of the cone going up)
the radius of the cone. Note that if you want a 256 UU wide cone you must fill in 128
only matters when hollow, it's the radius of the hollow part
the number of points you want at the round part. The more you add the rounder it looks, but the game goes slower if you add too many.
the name of the group you want it in, but seems to do nothing, because the group name doesn't change.
changes the texture alignments.
makes it hollow or not. When it's hollow, it's open at the bottom of the cone

Alignment tips[edit]

To make the cone nicely aligned, choose the align to floor. With some textures it isn't nice around the cone if you have the same texture there. To make it better you can add trims around it to camoflage the difference. I think the align to floor is the best way.

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