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What follows is a definition of all of the console commands that are in general use across all versions of the Unreal Engine.

This command provides a rather dodgy 3rd person perspective view most useful for checking out relative sizes in maps.
In UT this command can be used without the value parameter to cycle through the 10 brightness values. In Devastation the command can take a value between 0 and 1. If a value is not specified then a brightness of 0.5 is used.
CONTRAST <value> 
Sets the constrast level of the game. It appears that values can range between 0.0 and 2.0
Disconnect from the current server.
Go back to playing in a window.
Flush all caches. Regenerates all lighting, 3D hardware textures, etc. Can be useful to clear texture corruption due to 3D hardware driver bugs.
FOV <angle> 
Set the field of view, for example fov 90 for 90 degrees. The server (or machine) the game is running on must have the INI option bAllowFOV=True set.
'Locks' the player rotation to the current direction they are heading. Used with the BEHINDVIEW command. Generally useful for getting nice screenshots of your character at less than usual angles.
Get a list of color depths supported by your 3D hardware
Get the current color depth (16 or 32).
Get the current resolution.
SETRES <value> 
Set the game resolution. Must be in the format XxY. e.g. "SETRES 1280x800"
Hides all actors during game play.
NETSPEED <number> 
Change your desired network data rate. Use 2600 for modem, 5000 for ISDN, 10000 for ADSL/Cable, and 20000 for LAN.
OPEN <url> 
Opens a local map (for example, open dm-turbine.unr) or an Internet server (for example, open Also supports querystring items like mutator= and numbots=
Displays the Advanced Options window.
Reconnect to the current/previous server
RMODE <n> 
Change the rendering mode. Different versions of the Urneal Engine have more or less support for this feature. The more recent the engine the better the support will be. The value for n can be any of the following.
  1. Wireframe view. Handy for seeing what Antiportals are doing
  2. Zone/Portal: BSP is coloured by Zones & Static Meshes textured – handy for understanding how static meshes are used in maps
  3. Texture Usage: BSP is coloured by texture usage
  4. BSP cuts: as 2, but BSP is all white. Weird.
  5. Dynamic Light – normal game mode
  6. Textured mode – no lighting, everything full brightness
  7. lighting only
  8. Depth Complexity – shows how complex a scene is with the colour scale. Green is low complexity areas the game will have no problems rendering, red is high complexity and will most likely need some optimization.
Turns the display of actors back on.
Shows everything as in volumes, paths, spawns points, triggers, everything.
Toggles fullscreen mode on and off.
Calls up the so called "quick console". This is a single line console that vanishes after a command has been entered. It is normally reached by pressing TAB.