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Legacy:Conversation (DX)

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DX :: Object (DX) >> ConObject (DX) >> Conversation (ConSys)


String audioPackageName 
Unique identifier of audio package. this is used to generate audio names so we can demand load audio from a package
Bool bCanBeInterrupted 
True if this conversation can be interrupted by another
Bool bCannotBeInterrupted 
True if this conversation CANNOT be interrupted by another
bool bDataLinkCon 
True if this is a DataLink conversation
Bool bDisplayOnce 
Flag to display conversation only once
Bool bFirstPerson 
Remain in First-Person mode
bool bGenerateAudioNames 
True if we're to auto-generate filenames for the audio
Bool bInvokeBump 
Invoke by Bumping
Bool bInvokeFrob 
Invoke by Frobbing
Bool bInvokeRadius 
Invoke by Radius
Bool bInvokeSight 
Invoke by Sight
Bool bNonInteractive 
True if non-interactive conversation
Bool bRandomCamera 
True if random camera placement
name conName 
Conversation name
String conOwnerName 
Name of Actor owner
int conversationID 
Internal Conversation ID
string CreatedBy 
Who created event
String Description 
ConEvent eventList 
First Event
ConFlagRef flagRefList 
Flag List
Float lastPlayedTime 
Time when conversation last played (ended).
int ownerRefCount 
Number of owners this conversation has
int radiusDistance 
Distance from PC needed to invoke conversation, 0 = Frob


AddFlagRef( Name flagName , Bool value )
Adds a flag reference, using the given flag name and value passed in
BindActorEvents( Actor actorToBind )
BindEvents( Actor conBoundActors [ 10 ] , Actor invokeActor )
bool CheckActorDistances( Actor player )
Checks to see how far all the actors are away from each other to make sure it's reasonable to start a conversation. Ignore the player in these checks.
bool CheckActors( optional bool bLogActors )
Checks to see if all the actors doing speaking in the conversation actually exist.
ClearBindEvents( )
ConCamera CreateConCamera( )
ConFlagRef CreateFlagRef( Name flagName , bool flagValue )
ConEvent GetEventFromLabel( String searchLabel )
Searches this conversation for a label and returns it. If it can't ind a matching label then it returns None.
String GetFirstSpeakerDisplayName( optional String startLabel )
GetFirstSpeechActors( out Actor firstSpeaker , out Actor firstSpeakingTo )
Looks for the first Speech event in this conversation and returns the speaker and speakingTo actors. This is used to setup the first camera event
Sound GetSpeechAudio( int soundID )
Float GetSpeechLength( int soundID )
Bool IsSpeakingActor( Actor speakingActor )
Looks to see if the actor passed in is even involved in this conversation. Returns True if the actor has a speaking part.