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November 9,2004

Is my GameName which is a take on the old programmer's game by the name of COREWARS.

UT2004 onslaught game type hit me big and my old Name furry just didn't cut it with me anymore.The Core in ons was central to the game and it just seems so right that I should become corewarrior.I have never actualy played a single game of Core wars,although I have dabbled a little in assembly language programmig.

Ny name is Jaime and it is pronouced hime, the "me" as in mention or meadow.It's spanish,just call me jamie.

I'm new to mapping and Level design.There is much to learn.There have been a few false starts where I started playing with the UT editor.

This time it's different.I find myself devoting more time and effort to learning the ropes.

It started a few months ago,in May of this year when I

decided to make a serious commitment to develop a UT2004 Map.

I have made the most progress in only the last five weeks.Although,the more I learn the more I realize that there is still much I don't know.

At the moment I am having diffuculty with,"Terrain" catagory".I have been investigaing other

Terrain editors.Some i have tried are ;World machine,Terragen,terrainEd,terraedit.Other's I

have Downloaded but not tried yet,G16ed,Nem's Mega 3D Terrain Generator.

CoreWarrior/Developer Journal

November 9,2004


September 8,2007

I've been away a long time ,I picked UED back up again and having started working on making some new maps.