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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Keypoint (UT) >> ThingFactory >> CreatureFactory

These are used to spawn creatures out of nowhere like in some Unreal 1 levels. They have to be set off by a Trigger.


name Orders 
Creatures from this factory will have these orders.
name OrderTag 
Creatures from this factory will have this order tag.
name AlarmTag 
Alarm tag given to creatures from this factory.
int AddedCoopCapacity 
Extra creatures for coop mode.

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Fat Marrow: If the global variable bNoMonsters is true, you can't spawn monsters within UT levels, either using a CreatureFactory or the parent ThingFactory (or by manually summoning the monsters from the console). bNoMonsters is a property in the GameInfo_(UT) actor and can also be set in the UnrealTournament.ini file. It's not clear to me whether you can (or should) reliably override the bNoMonsters flag so as to allow monsters within UT levels. I haven't got this to work yet...

SuperApe: Doesn't it say in ThingFactory that these can also be triggered by a player touching them?

MisterWicked: I'm making a UTJB map with an area with about ten Skarrj, which opens up at overtime. I've set all the properties (capacity=-1, MaxItems=10, etc.), but the most I've been able to manage is ONE Skarrj, which doesn't respawn. How do I get one of these to stay active from the beginning of the match?

SuperApe: I believe that Capacity = 1 means only one Skaarj can be spawned from this factory ... ever. MaxItems = 1, on the other hand, means only one Skaarj can be in game at one time. Try flipping your settings around. See also ThingFactory.