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Riftwar Critiques[edit]

Riftwar main page

I guess this migh work best with just sectioning out comments.

RegularX (PostMortem)[edit]

Well, this was really supposed to be a proof of concept. I had originally planned on spending no more than a week on it and ending up spending about two and a half. It started out as just a three team piece, but the class-based gameplay allowed me a workaround for the problems with two team skins, interactions, etc. The team code in UT2003 isn't so much hard coded as just very assuming. Much of the gametype code simply assumes you'd never try to have more than two teams. And the team beacon code is native, which really throws me off.

If this was a mod project I was really fervent about, I would have taken more time in preprod to plan things out and probably try and get a modeller for some of the more custom aspects (like the Deathbot). In the end though, I have enough material to split out some tutorials for other modders and put new and better code into Freehold NG, which was the original intent. If along the way the community finds Riftwar fun to play, to me that's just bonus material.