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Legacy:Custom Brushbuilder Ideas

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Well, as you may know, this is an area to post some ideas about custom brushbuilders. You may post, enhance, or script these!

Torus builder[edit]

Builds a Torus.
  • I miss one big feature in Tarquin's torus brushbuilder, the ability to build tesselated torus!

Star Builder[edit]

Builds 2d and 3d stars.
  • 2d
  • 3d

Default Properties[edit]

Helix Builder[edit]

Builds a helix, double helix, etc.
  • Spheres on sertain points on the helices
  • Bars connecting the helices (like DNA)

Default Properties[edit]

Fence Builder[edit]

Builds wire and wooden fences, guardrails, etc.

Default Properties[edit]

Pod Builder[edit]

Builds unipods, bipods, tripods, etc.

Default Properties[edit]

Reinforcement Builder[edit]

Builds reinforcements for buildings and other architecture

Default Properties[edit]

Slice Builder[edit]

Builds Slices of a sphere like tarquin's cylinder builder

Tarquin: If I ever get the Sphere builder finished, it'll do that.

Default Properties[edit]


ZxAnPhOrIaN: Wow! I created a lot of ideas!

ProjectX: Must be a first, he he, only joking Zxan

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ZxAnPhOrIaN: Admin, could you please delete this page, seems like custom bb scripting is not a hot idea.

Tarquin: well, with Maya & all that ... Yup, I'll delete it in a bit.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: What is Maya anyway??