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UT :: Object >> BrushBuilder >> CylinderBuilder (Package: Editor)
UT2003 :: Object >> BrushBuilder >> CylinderBuilder (Package: Editor)

This creates a cylinder for the red builder brush.


float Height 
the height of the cylinder
float OuterRadius 
The radius of the cylinder.
float InnerRadius 
applies only when Hollow. The radius of the hollow part
int Sides 
The number of points at the sides. The more points, the rounder it looks, but when too many, the game gets slower.
name GroupName 
doesn't work with it
bool Align to Side 
Aligns the textures to the side
bool Hollow 
makes ik hollow


BuildCylinder( int Direction, bool AlignToSide, int Sides, float Height, float Radius ) 
bool Build() 

Alignment tips[edit]

I don't really know how to align cylinders properly. Just do align wall direction and panning, and then it looks ok enough.

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