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About Me[edit]

I do many things in the unreal engine (mostly UT2004), but what I specialise in is mapping.

I have created many maps for UT2004, some good, some average, and some really bad ones too :)

I come from the Republic of South Africa, and one of my driving interests in life is designing games and content for them. I have been making maps for the unreal engine for the past few years, and recently I have taught myself the basics of Unrealscript as well.


My Maps[edit]

For UT2003:[edit]

    • DM-Shaft (Based on a map I made for UT99.)
    • DM-Wisp
    • DM-DeltaStation
    • DM-GammaStation
    • DM-1on1-Alpha

For UT2004:[edit]

    • DM-1on1-Phoenix
    • DM-1on1-PhoenixSE
    • ONS-Twilight (MSUC Honourable mention. Pity it crashes servers :()
    • ONS-TwilightSE (Which didn't fix the crash bug after all)
    • DM-Bastion
    • DM-1on1-Rift (Completed, but not released.)
    • ONS-HUT-Nexus (Made for Project Torlan.)

Current Projects[edit]


I am currently working on a Single Player Mod entitled 'Oblivion'. I am working on it by myself, so it may take quite some time. However, I find it very interesting to work on, and I am confident that it will see completion.

It already features some basic custom AI, which can patrol, search and fight reasonably well. It already features a custom main menu and a small portion of the first level.

There are many other features already, but for now, they are a surprise :)

It is my desire to design a Single player game where you can choose to be stealthy or not, much like Deus Ex.

I hope that it lives up to my expectations (what I have working so far has already surpassed my expectations)

It should be noted that Oblivion is based on Parser's SP Framework (http://fraghouse.beyondunreal.com/)

While it is true that Oblivion barely resembles anything in the SP Framework any more, it is equally true that Oblivion would not exist where it not for the Framework which underlies everything. Not to mention the fact that it inspired me to actually start that 'mod I've always wanted to make' :). Thanks Parser!

The name, 'Oblivion' will be changed as soon as I can think of another name. I want to avoid any possible confusion between my mod and the new game, 'Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion'.

I may also write a bit of a developers journal, if anyone would be interested in reading it. I have written a lot of code for the mod, some of which may be useful to other modders/mappers. Perhaps I will post some of it here.

Gunship (CTF)[edit]

Gunship is a CTF map set largely in the barrel of an enormous starship's main weapon. The idea is that the starship is a 'Gunship', a ship designed around a massive weapon with one purpose in mind. I have temporarily halted work on Gunship so that I can work on Oblivion (which is far more interesting at the moment.)

I'd like to add some more to this page at a later date, but that's it for now :)


Tarquin: Welcome to unreal wiki :)

Dace: Thanks :)