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Making your Own DamageType (in UT2004)[edit]

This tutorial was made to show you how to make a basic Damage Type in Unreal Tournament 2004.

Why would you do it?[edit]

Lets just say you wanted a kill zone in your map but none of the damage types gave quite the right effect or death message, this allows you to set it up the way you want.


  • Basic knowledge of the Editor
  • Understand editing properties
  • Be able to read the Wiki

Tutorial Scenario[edit]

You have made a map of a deep sea base and want some water that kills you of over pressureization, but their is no damage class that does this.

The Tutorial[edit]

  1. Go to the Actor Class Browser and open GamePlay.u
  2. Make sure "Placeable classes Only" is not ticked, so you can see the DamageType class.
  3. Expand the DamageType class so you can see all the different Subclasses
  4. Right click on the DamageType that is closest to your desired DamageType and Create A Subclass, so in our Scenario we would Create A Subclass under Depressurized. If their is no Subclass that is close to what you want then Create A Subclass under DamageType.
  5. Set the Package to MyLevel and the Name to whatever you want, in this we will just call it Pressurized.
  6. A window should come up with the very basic code of your new DamageType change placeable; to abstract;.
  7. Close the window and find your new DamageType right click on it and select Default Properties
  8. In the Properties window expand DamageType and set it to the way you would like it, so we want bCauseConvulsions to be True, The DeathString to be: %k put to much pressure on %o., and FemaleSuicide and MaleSuicide to be: %o cracked under the pressure.
  9. Close the window and go to your Volume's properties -> PhysicsVolume -> DamageType and in the drop down list yor new DamageType should be their select it, rebuild all and save.

That's it you're done, Congratulations. –Mulch_D

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