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About Me[edit]

I'm the resident "code monkey" for House of Fish Games, which hopes to release some interesting mods for UT2004 in the next few months. I'm new to "wiki-ing", but have found a ton of info here and look forward to contributing back as I learn more about UT2004 and UnrealScript in particular. You can contact me by posting in the Discussion area below or by emailing me at dark.ryder at gmail dot com.

Announcements and Testing Info[edit]

HoF Mod → initial release coming "soon"

  • Designed for use at House of Fish LAN parties, but soon to be available to all.
  • Tested for compatibility with all built-in gametypes. (Well, not at first; a server will be posted in the Testing Lab when we start this phase.)
  • Tweakable Weapons Mutator → Exposes internal settings for all built-in weapons. Alter weapon damage, ammo consumption, blast radii, projectile velocity...
  • "No Web" Mutator → I don't know about you, but I've never liked the "Web Gun" mounted on the Scorpion. Now you can change it into a variety of other suitable weapons. (Only one so far, hope to have a second ready in time for release.)

INI Manager → To be written, probably in the next three or four weeks (keep-me-honest-note: this was posted 26 Aug 2004)

  • Instantly change many settings at once by choosing between multiple INI files.
  • Share mod settings or any other INI-based info with friends.
  • Windows only :-(


Tarquin: Hi, welcome :) BTW, you can make mdash with " – ". Another neat parser trick :)

Dark Ryder: Thanks. I've been making sure to use that (it's probably more "correct" to use wiki formatting instead of HTML when possible, I figure), but was curious about HTML entities not specifically mentioned on Wiki Markup and mdash was othe only one I could think of off the top of my head that wasn't listed ;-)