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Basic Info[edit]

Nick: Dash

Real Name: Ryan Brim

Email: rmanboy@hotmail.com

Dev Journal: Legacy:Dash/Developer Journal

Speciality: Programming (Going to get more into content creation though)



A proof of concept for a Game design class that was never released for UT2k3. It was console type RPG using a USB controller that featured a combo system that you could lock on to your enemies and cast different spell depending on the combonation of Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth elements the player used.
A mod I worked on for another class. It was an Action-Horror FPS for UT2k3 that took 4th overall in the MSU in the FPS category. While it had its share of problems it turned out quite well. I mainly worked on the HUD (with several redesigns from the designers) and did little features here and there.



Call to Arms
A mod I have been working on since May of 2004 with my brother. Its an Action RPG that tries to bring more interactivity to the genre. Rather than having little input from the player other than what to attack we want to present the player with different options. Like with melee combat having the player decide when to block, chain attacks together when you catch them off guard or use a special attack that takes longer to use but does more damage and breaks blocks. We have alot of other features planned so check out the site and my Dev Journal for updates.