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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Decal (Package: Engine)

A Decal is a client-side actor that attaches flat against level geometry to create effects like bulletholes or blood stains. Decals won't work in fog zones.

This class is deprecated in UT200x.


int MultiDecalLevel 
How many surfaces this decal is allowed to be attached to. Set this higher for larger decals.
float LastRenderedTime 
array<int> SurfList (const) 
List of surfaces this decal is attached to. Native.


Texture (UT) AttachDecal(float TraceDistance, optional vector DecalDir) [simulated native] 
Traces forward (or in direction of DecalDir) and attaches the decal to surfaces. Returns the texture of the surface it attached the decal to or None if no or only fake backdrop surfaces are in range.
DetachDecal() [simulated native] 
Detach this decal from all surfaces.
AttachToSurface() [simulated] 
Tries to attach the decal by calling AttachDecal with a TraceDistance of 100 units. If the decal could not be attached, then the decal is destroyed.
Update(Actor (UT) L) [event]