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DeepQantas, who?[edit]

You probably don't know me. I certainly don't know you. Who are you and what are you doing here?

I've been a gamer whole my comparatively short life, and I intend to be until my bones are ground to dust. Possibly even longer, should I find the Unholy Grail that skifford Fritz Leiber wrote about. Oh, and modding, let me tell you about modding! Making stuff to weird things is becoming my second nature... well third, but who's counting?

I've played plenty of those things out there, but here are the things I feel have contributed to my ego and mental health the most:

Quake - Dreams of the soulless future[edit]

Yes. Quake... And mods and derivatives thereof. This is the game that really made me realize that there's more to the world than Basic. Well, I can't say I really made more stuff for this than testing a bit of mapping, but subconciously I could feel the power of this arcane engine.

Raw power, I tell you! Mystical energies ne'erbefore seen! And that one bugger told me I shouldn't have deleted Duke 3D to make space for this treasure! Fool! Now he rests in eternal torment within the charred pit I created with the dark rituals I summoned by playing the Quake CD backwards on my grand-father's gramophone...

Oh, and then came Team Fortress. Ahh, the originality. Just guess if I played the Spy?

Thief - The night falls[edit]


All right. The deathmatch soon lost its glamour. What then? What could possibly keep up my interest? Yes, it's my other pleasure: Stealing stuff. I revered the moral flexibility and dark cityscapes from the very first glimpse I saw of this reality. I still remember the piece of demo I saw on TV. Ahh... and later on actually playing that Demo!

Imagine my nervous mindset as I commited my first break-in. Imagine the joy as I stole my first bounty. Imagine the overbearing sense of accomplishment as I nipped Bafford's bejeweled scepter, his most priced possession!

Ahh, those were the times. And I even managed to create some custom content for this game. Well, my own map projects kinda dried up, but I was part in the making of Calendra's Cistern making sorts of scripting as I created conversations extraordinaire... And many hours were spent cursing at the invisible bottles when they wouldn't do my bidding! Damn bottles!

Action Halflife - Twice the style[edit]

Action Halflife

The Ultimate Movie Experience! So different from the vanilla deathmatch. Get those Akimbo Berettas of yours, lock and load and hit the streets to kick some ass and chew bubblegum. And you're all outta gum! And what better way to spend those long hours of Lan parties with your friends? I have the feeling that only one of my friends surpassed me in skill as we played... Grr... If only I could get a rematch with skills I have now.

I actually got so far as to make two maps for this mod. The first one was dq_funeral... Or as the in-game name said: Papa Malignon's Funeral

The notorious mafia boss has died, and when the family is mourning, they're suddenly attacked by a group of hitmen, determined to wipe the rest of the family out... And all the while old Papa is resting peacefully in his casket. I tell you, this church was ugly, and the idea was unoriginal and horrendous and everything! It was a horrible map! I can't understand why people seemed to like it. Someone asked me just the other day if I made dq_funeral. Must've been the working church bell or something.

Now the other map is the thing I'm really proud of: Noir

Yes, the old black and white Film Noir is back. The whole map was made with textures I'd ripped off from various sources and made greyscale. And to further add to the effect, the street had huge sheets of rain... and even more: A mirror world of the street built below it. Indoors also managed to satisfy my sense of symmetry with their details. The billiard room, bar, smoky poker room (with smoke in the ceiling) and the Private Dick's office... All straigth from the 50's.

However, let's not forget that I couldn't have possibly done that map without Jinx. If you're reading this, old chap, thanks for finishing it up. I mean it! Man, that Jinxie's probably finished more other people's maps as he has his own.

ThieveryUT - Spammers will be circlestrafe blackjacked[edit]


If you belong to the taffing community, you might remember how Thief 2 was supposed to have multiplayer. Well, that never came to be, so what did the fans do? Well, they started a multiplayer thieving mod of their own, and Thievery was born. As I saw the project starting to grow, I immediately signed up. Well, I was kinda fed up with mapping after Noir (which still wasn't even nearly finished at this point) I went for betatesting.

It was kinda early back then and after few pointless alpha bug reports I kinda slid off and went back to Action. Later on, when it was more in beta stages, I managed to get back in due to me having sort of been a beta-tester earlier. And yay! This game really rocked! There's nothing like outwitting a human opponent in a match of hide and seek... or search and knock his brains out with a blackjack. The human guards just have that something artificial intelligence cannot provide.

Well, allright. Thievery never became very popular and is dying as we speak, but it was fun with the right people.

Later on I actually managed to contribute, too. I drew up sketchmaps for the levels that'd show up in-game. Oh, and even more recently I've done some small scripting stuff and whatnot. You know, the general stuff any self-respecting betatester would do.

NightBlade - Don't say the T-word, Dalai might be listening[edit]


This one's still in the works, and I'm lucky enough to be a betatester again. This started off as the logical next step after Thievery. Something thiefy for the new engine. However, people had gotten way too tired of just copying Thief and making it multiplayer, so this time it's a whole new ballgame! Well, not literally a ballgame, but my point is, this time around we've got the cool ninja moves like walldodges and high-jumps and third person combat and wussname guilds fighting each other for the control over the city.

And when I say I'm a betatester, I mean that in the same non-accurate way as before. I'm doing a lot more stuff for NightBlade, and I bet I'll even get that map of mine done... Officially I'm still a betatester. It's really is just an easy way to keep the pressure off.

Action UT2k3 - So close and yet so far[edit]

Action UT2k3

Ok. I don't really have anything to do with this mod. Well, maybe just a tiny bit, but nothing essential. But I'm just really looking forwards to this... After all, I'm an Action fan, remember? I'll be snooping around to find out as much as I can and if the opportunity presents itself, steal the sourc... I mean help with scripting and stuff. Yes, that's it.

Only time will tell if I'll actually start making some sort of a map for ActionUT2k3. Maybe something for the old times' sake.

Alien Swarm - Remember, short, controlled bursts...[edit]

Alien Swarm

Another mod I have no connection to - or maybe just a tiny bit, maybe. It just happens to be that few people from Blackcat Games (as the Thievery and Nightblade team started to call themselves some time ago, -meow-) had semi-secretly made this cool top-down shooter and it's now announced when it's near finished. Well, I hear there's some redoing and stuff going on, but apart from that, it's looking cool.

Can't wait for it to be released.

Oh, and guess what! It's taking part in the Make Something Unreal contest, too.

Rest of the story[edit]

Whenever I get out of my crypt, I can probably be found at these IRC channels:

  1. thievery at Starchat
  2. aut2k3 at Gamesnet

Also, if you need to message me, just find DeepQantas at the Black Cat Forums and drop a Private Message. Or just write on this page...

No e-mail, cos I don't really use it anymore except when I have to. E-mails are really getting so old.

Currently trying to figure this thing out: LOD Cheat

I'll probably start some sort of proper map with that idea, too. UT2k3 is usually very choppy for me and I can't play any big maps. So I figure... If I can't, then no one else can either! Mwahhahhah!

No, erm. If I can't, maybe I'll make a big map that I can. Yes, that's it!

Tarquin: Hi DeepQantas. Welcome to Unreal Wiki :)

DeepQantas: Thanks, I think I already have a couple of ideas brewing in the cauldron I tend to call my "head". Lessee if I can find a right place for those, too. Damn. This editing thing's getting too fun.