My program doesn't have bugs. It just develops random features.


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Who am i[edit]

   Noob coder with minor experience in scripting and map making


   my goal is to make a gundam seed mod for ut2004 i know thats gonna take a while so im
   actually learning how first 

Extended Shock Rifle (needs better name)[edit]

  This is a mutator for the Shock Rifle (duh), it is supposed to change the shock ball properties
  according to the amount of time you hold the button, better features in the future

modified classes


Seed Mode[edit]

   its supposed to give the pawn some special
   abilities once the controller reaches 100 adrenaline

this is the current code

help would be greatly appreciated, if you want you can check my thread at BUFHere

0.2 - current (using state method, having problems with locals inside states)
0.15 function Seedmode is being called by Timer as i have set timer to repeat every second
0.1 - did not work at all


MythOpus: Tip from one unreal scripter to another... Take small steps first. They really help in the long run.

Defx: Dont worry, i am ^^

Sweavo: Howdy. A tip from someone who's just spent 8 hours learning the hard way: do just about everything on the server, and test with a network game!

Guest: do just about everything on the server? what do you mean? =]

Sweavo: Check out Replication for a brain-bender. In network play, you need to be aware of what is present on the server and what is present on the client, and of the stuff that's on the client, you need to be aware of what's getting run and what isn't. In standalone mode none of that matters much. So you can get something working great in standalone mode but have to throw heaps of it away to get to network play. If your mod doesn't work in net play then it's not going to get on the public server, and won't get you chicks*.

  • I can pretty much guarantee it won't get you chicks.