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May 14, 2005[edit]

Lots of things happened. Still haven't finished the map I described below. Now a member of the UTR team (http://www.getutr.com/) with coding and mapping. Writing a map converter in Python for UTR.

July 14, 2004[edit]

Time for an update! :B Maps are good. So are weapons. New map should be out soon eventually. I don't know what it will be called but it's in a crater of an inactive volcano thingy. Rain. Lots of BSP. One lift, which I can't get bots to use. 1 on 1. Water that looks great in UnrealEd, but the shader effects are bad in-game. Screenshots soon?

Current Projects[edit]

  • Weapons pack for UT2004
  • Map (see above)


Programming Languages[edit]

  • Delphi
  • C/C++
  • Perl
  • Python
  • C# (learning)
  • Java (blah)
  • Visual Basic (blah)
  • UnrealScript (duh)
  • JavaScript (to some extent)
  • VBScript (again to some extent, see above for VB)
  • PHP (yay!)
  • ASP (bleh)
  • ASP.NET (bleh)
  • ColdFusion (blah)

Other random stuff[edit]

  • Pi! ← 1,048,576 digits
  • [1] ← something really dumb that I made in paint a while ago :B


Tarquin: er, yeah, please use your own webspace for that sort of picture.

DemonThing: Hehe, just noticed you did that (2004-7-14). Fixed.