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Thur Sept 23 04:[edit]

Where is HL2 ? I'm quivering to work on a mod! heh..

Sun Sept 05 04:[edit]

Fixed journal, albeit ages late :( All progress on NT bots was lost in hard drive failure. Don't think anyone really has inertia to make more dazzle for the UT2k4 version of NT, seeing how the winners are already picked. Can't wait for HL2 SDK! On that note, Do not expect updates here anymore, as I feel they would not be serving the community, they would no longer have to do with uscript, or unreal at all. If anyone is interested, my personal journal is accessable at . Farewell! -Dexter

Wed Jul 21 04:[edit]

Update! It turns out I have broken the bots in NT, right when I was getting progress. Back to the drawing board.

edit : Bots fixed, YES! Back to progress and control point capturing..

Thur Jul 15 04 :[edit]

Update! ..

Sat Jun 26 04  :[edit]

Wiki and Journal created. For personal reflection and productivity insurance.

No content. Fear!

Notes:The most work I have with any game engines is mostly working with bots. I haven't worked from the ground up on a robust mod, so I'm a bit lacking in that sort of thing. Although, after a few sodas and some ramen, I can generally figure out most of anything giving me hell. While unreal script is rather odd to me still, Its quite useful, and quickly becoming my favorite. I had a blast writing horrible code (read : heavy use of foreach allactors) for a good year of my lifetime.

Thanks to whoever keeps fixing my incorrect use of the wiki, too.

Tarquin: that'll just be the general collective.... :) If you want to be strict, I would say use headings (== markup) for your dates rather than nest lists. But your dev journal page is your own space. so it's really up to you! :)

Dexter: Yes, == looks much better. I'll be using that.

Mychaeel: Mind if I rename "Devj" to "Developer Journal" just to keep a bit of consistency across different people's journals?

Dexter: Sure! Sorry for the incredibly late reply.. haven't been around. Don't ask for cosmetic stuff like that, just go for it :P

GRAFIK: Thanks for creating this page with the standard Developer Journal name. :) I deleted the old /Devj for you. BTW tarquin, I like the phrase "general collective". Sort of like "We are Borg." :P

Dexter: No problem. We are Borg!