My program doesn't have bugs. It just develops random features.


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Dezro's Personal Page[edit]

So now I've got UT2004, so I'm back.

Contact Info[edit]

If you need to, email I don't check it often, but I will check it.

And if you want to jot down a quick note for me, there's a section at the bottom of the page.



Did I say finished and final? I was very wrong. Anyway, CL5. Majorly different, works a lot better, has a lot of crazy stuff in it.

I've learned a couple of things: It seems that any KVehicles for UT2003 probably won't port well. But I haven't done much testing with that. WeaponFire is now a subclass of Object, not Actor, so there's some more porting problems. The new caching system looks really awesome.

Here's a hack from CL5 to get vehicles to work right outside of teamgames: Legacy:Dezro/DMFix

CL5 for UT2004

CarLauncher 2 for UT2003

Toy Projects[edit]

I made a couple of quick mutators on request. Very basic stuff.

  • Health - Two mutators to modify player and vehicle health. One is kind of crude, but VehicleStuff will probably do it more elegantly.
  • ObjectiveHealth - Two more mutators. One that modifies power core and power node health, another that modifies all DestroyableObjectives' (including cores and nodes) health by ratio.
  • Ever wanted to have the game spit 99 Bottles of Beer to your console while you play? No? Oh. Well, here it is anyway. Legacy:Dezro/99 Bottles

Messages and Comments[edit]

Mychaeel: Welcome to the Wiki, Dezro.

Tarquin: Hello & welcome :)

Dezro: Ah, thank you.