I don't need to test my programs. I have an error-correcting modem.

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Hi Ive been playing with uscript for about 5 months

My First Wiki Project :) DynaMusic

Tarquin: Hi, welcome :)

Dirk Fist: Hi, Tarquin (mind if I call you Tarq?)

Tarquin: Go ahead :) everyone else does! I've even put 'tarq' in my list of IRC alerts! ;)

Dirk: Oh, and Hi FoxPaw, thanks for responding to my question :D

Tarquin: You can go ahead and create a page DynaMusic. :)

Dirk Fist: Thanks Tarq. Is there some way to make the component available for download (.u or .unr) ?

Dirk Fist: Would anything be needed to make it compatible with (UT2k3) ?