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Tarquin: does anyone remember what this page was meant to be for? It looks like a list of things to do to maps / mods before releasing them. Hmm. nope, that's Mapping Checklist.

Other points:

  • include a subdirectory structure of your mod / map in your zip file

Mychaeel: If Mapping Checklist is a list of things people should take care of before releasing their maps or mods, maybe we should rename it to "Release Checklist."

OMGTTFS: Maybe this should be a place where we put links to all of the places you can release your finished map to i.e. NaliCity I'm sure there are other sites out there too that's just the main one as far as I know (Although they haven't updated for a while)

Tarquin: that's a good idea. :)

OMGTTFS: Speaking of Nalicity, what's going on with them? Does anybody know? They havn't updated in the site just taking of space? I know you can still get maps but I don't think submitting any will do any good. If anyone has some info please tell, or if you have any sites you know of that are accepting UT2003 maps to release to the general public then list them on this page. Peace out

OMGTTFS: Update: 11/8/02 NaliCity 3 is up and running. You can submit maps there as long as you follow their steps and don't piss them off ;-p. Peace Out Vatos

Mychaeel: I vote for renaming this page to "Distribution Checklist" (to go with Mapping Checklist).

Jeeptrash: Seconded. I don't really like Mapping Checklist: It seems to be a list of stylistic do's and don'ts, (like, add a skybox? put in some [stupid] music?) instead of what people imply it is when they link to it (a page about what you need to do before uploading a map publicly so that people who download it dont get errors). How 'bout if stylistic junk goes on mapping checklist and useful stuff (using myLevel correctly, packages, setting the gametype) goes on THIS page (renamed to distro. checklist as above). That way i can then go to the bottom of Mapping Checklist and rant about people who put 8mb mp3 files of Whitesnake in their 140kb maps.

Wormbo: Remember that this page is about distributing work in general, whether it's maps, large mods or only small mutators/gametypes.