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Mychaeel: Welcome to the Wiki, Doogle.  :-) Please add yourself to the Project Contributors list.

Tarquin: Hi & welcome. :D

Yay! I got a lil bitty here, dunno what to stick in so I'll copy the kind of stuff other people have done like puttin bits about me n stuff in :)

Mapping stuff[edit]

Well I've been into mapping for Unreal and Unreal Tournament for about 6 years now, I did a little bit of map making for Thief the Dark Project before that but only got one finished and never released it to the net cos it was just something for myself to play with. I tend to spend most of my time trying things out instead of making proper maps for the Unreal games, stuff like the random warpzones and random teleporters for UT.

Example maps...

Unreal Tournament[edit] - Randomised teleporter. - Warpzones that can be triggered to go to different locations.

Unreal Tournament 2003/4[edit] - Randomised teleporter and triggered warpzones, the warpzones don't work as well in this version as they did in the orignal UT map above.

The only map I've finished and released is a conversion of CTF-Hydro16 from Unreal Tournament for UT2k3/4. It took me a while to do but I enjoyed the work and love the map. (UT2k3 version - no terrain) (UT2k4 version - terrain)

I'm currently working on some deathmatch and ctf maps for my friends and myself to play on our lan, I'm trying to make some really complex movers and cool effects in these maps, which is why I've been visiting the forums so much lately and asking all sorts of daft questions :o)

Personal info type stuff[edit]

Well this is where I tell you about what I am. Basically I'm a 29 year old bloke from Sherwood Forest (Thats Robin Hood's home to those who don't know ;) )

I have a full time job fixing laptops, cameras and data projectors in a college, which is great fun.

My hobbies are playing pool, going mountain biking (trials, downhill, street, XC, etc.) Racing my mini moto bike round my mate's field and fiddlin on my computer, plus I also build and repair computers for friends and neighbours in the area :)

A couple links[edit]

Here's a couple of links to places I like n go to :) – My new personal website, Forum and stuff there along with my photo galleries and eventually my finished maps. – My old personal website, slowly being pointed to the new site. My JavaScript games are still found on this site though. – A cool web based Pictionary game, draw the object n guess to win :)

Finished maps[edit]