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RuneUT is my first real mod I've been working on for UT. Inspired by Rune Quake, it is a mod which Runes spawn randomly around the level - carrying one grants you a special power. The runes are basically normal inventory items that can be activated (by the command 'mutate UseRune') or dropped (by the command 'mutate DropRune'). You can only carry one rune at a time.

Should work with most gametypes/mutators - RuneUT is a mutator just like any other.


My first UWindow thing. Borrows heavily from the Mutator screen and the Weapons screen. (Hey, they have already written code that does exactly what I want, why write it again?)

The RuneUT Configuration Screen


Below is a list of basically finished, (mostly) working runes in the mod's current state, with a brief description of each. Some runes may seem familiar to those who have played the original Rune Quake or Rune Quake III.

Rune List[edit]

Rune Name Description
Ice Traps Lay 5 frosty traps to freeze enemies in their tracks
Berserk Deal 6x your normal damage, but take 3x normal as well
Death Traps Lay 3 deadly traps to obliterate your enemies
Rune Bomb Drop a false rune which explodes on contact
Shielding Become invulnerable for a limited time
Luck Teleport randomly
Strength Deal 2x normal damage
Regeneration Gradually regenerate health
Phasing Pass through walls for a limited time
Cloaking You are invisible when not firing
Divine Wind Kamikaze attack decimates your enemies
Protection Protects from traps and environmental damage
Lightning Attacks nearby enemies with bolts of lightning
Speed Run faster
Targeting Easily spot enemies
Negation Obliterate a target's inventory
Vampire Leech life whenever you deal damage
Vengeance Deal damage back whenever you take some
Self Preservation Your own attacks cannot hurt you
Translocation You can use a translocator
Flight You have the ability to fly
Resistance You take half damage
Illusion Place illusionary images of yourself
Poison Place venomous traps flooding toxin all over an area
Ammo Regen Gradually regenerate ammunition
Sight Observe the arena with a remote-controlled viewpoint