I don't need to test my programs. I have an error-correcting modem.


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I'm a modeller and general ranter from Spokane Washington. I enjoy helping people out and goofing off. I generally help anybody I see in need, even if I get into trouble myself.


Legacy:Dragonmaw/Developer Journal


Programmer's Haven


MythOpus: Hey, Welcome To The Wiki !

Dragonmaw: Thanks. I'm more of a modeller than a coder, but I can be pretty brilliant with mathematics and might contribute to the coding section every once in a while

Wormbo: Hi. Those new contributers you welcomed, did they actually contribute or did you only find them in the list who's online?

Dragonmaw: I dunno :P I'm just welcoming them

Wormbo: Please only welcome people you see on Recent Changes. Many people create an account but don't actually contribute.

Dragonmaw: Fine, I won't greet everyone.

GRAF1K: It isn't to discourage beeing friendly, but creating a page for everyone you see could make a lot of pages for admins to delete. It's not a big thing, just an idea.

Ch3z: Creating a page? You mean that each edit to any page creates a back up of the old page and therefore more work for admin? Or was there actually a page created to welcome someone? The reason I ask is because if each edit = more work I'll use preview more before I save.

Wormbo: Yes, each edit is backed up so it can easily be reverted.