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Things I made for UT2003.

I am no longer developing things for UT2003, however some of my creations for UT2004 might also work for UT2003.

note: these mods might also work for UT2004, some of these creations have been ported to UT2004.


Just like the PlayerJoinDump for UT(1) will this server add-on dump player IP addresses in the log when they join the server. This is usefull when you get abuse emails about certain users and want to ban them from the server.



Another remake of a great UT server add-on. ServerAdsSE gives you the ability to display messages/advertisements on the server (in the chat console, or on the middle of the screen). One of the biggest new features of this version is the ability to specify an URL where ServerAdsSE should download the latest messages.


UT2003 Compress[edit]

The UT2003 version of UTCompreZ, this tool will make UZ compression easier to handle. Just create a list of files to compress, hit the "compress" button and go to bed, the next morning everything will be done.



ServQuery is a fix for UT2003 servers. It fixes and extends the GameSpy Protocol. ServQuery will fix the backslash bug in the player names and ServQuery will add a new command to retreive Team information.



LocalStats will create log files which can be converted to statistics just like Epic's ut2003stats.epicgames.com LocalStats is a server actor so it will not show up in the mutator list or requires client downloads. Also with LocalStats you can still use the global stats.


UTelAdSE & TitanIRCd[edit]

UTelAdSE is a telnet administration server that will allow you do administer your UT2003 server using a telnet client.



BullShit is a server actor that will make the bot in a bot game more life like. Bot will speak when they kill or get killed, they will also respond on things other players say.



Just a little fix for the Arena mutator. This mutator can be configured via the webadmin



ChatFilter is a server add-on to clean up the chatting on a server. ChatFilter has the power to reduce spamming on a server, it can also filter bad words from the line. On bad behavior the player will get a score assigned on a defined level actions can taken against the player


Marky Mutator[edit]

Epic's Mark Rein on you screen whenevery you kill three enemies in a row. Isn't that what you've always wanted.

Version 2 includes new characters like the 2nd dumbest creature in the universe (Dopefish) and a weird white bunny named Cliff


Bad Adrenaline[edit]

This mutator will corrupt certain adrenaline pills, if you pick up one of these corrupted adrenaline pills you will suffer from strange side effects.


Capture the Beer[edit]

An excelent beer game. It's based on CTF, but instead of flags you have to capture a beer crate. But time is important, while you are carrying the crate you will consume the beer until you're out. Ofcourse the beer will have it's effect on you.