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I'm a dreadfully inexperienced UnrealScript type of person with an intent to get better at it. Preferably as fast as possible. I'm also new to the whole Wiki thing, so here I go making a mess of it I'm sure.

My Developer Journal here on this marvellous Wiki.

UT2003 Projects[edit]


Rocket InstaGib 
Unfinished. Like InstaGib (strangely enough), but with a rocket launcher. All normal rocket launcher firing modes work, the main difference being that any impact from a rocket will kill you, and as with classic InstaGib you get infinite ammo for it. These games tend to be very noisy, rather like using the Arena mutator to replace everything with the rocket launcher, but with a greater rate of fatalities. The developer journal for Rocket InstaGib is now here.
Mod Ideas/Sorcery 
Some way to switch over to using magic instead of (or as well as) weapons. If I could do this as a mutator I would be overjoyed, but I don't know enough about the possibilities and limitations of them to tell yet. I learned UnrealScript with Wheel of Time, which didn't have mutators, so they're quite new to me. My initial idea is to code the spells as weapons using the same kind of ammo (to get the mana pool), then use a mutator to substitute them in and regenerate the mana pool over time. The current state of the mutator can be ascertained at my developer journal.


I'm contactable at eldhrin at alledora dot co dot uk. I'm also a very busy Computer Science undergrad, but I code when I can.


Wormbo: Hi and welcome to the Wiki. :) Have a good time around here.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hi and welcome to the wiki! :) :tup: *Wisper*(be sure to visit the Map Ideas Page!)*Wisper*

Eldhrin: Thanks for the welcome people! I'm glad to be here. Map Ideas though... one of the reasons I've never bothered to learn how to make good maps is that I never have any good ideas. I'm a programmer through and through I'm afraid :-( Not that it's a bad thing, UT2003 presents many interesting opportunities :-D