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Episkipos Enos Shenk the Jesus-Stalker, KSC, HBB[edit]

Name: Markhoff Chaney (No not really)

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Age: 23

Stuff i do:

  • Gamer
  • Paintball Technology Geek
  • Webmaster
  • PHP Coder
  • UT Mapper dude
  • ShoutCast DJ
  • Champion of stepping on biosludge in UT2004

Websites I webmaster directly:

Other websites i like:

My maps:

  • UT99
    • DM-Claustrophobia - Nifty map using 6 crosshatched hallways with warp zones. Think infinite, and dodge your own rockets.
    • DM-Comm - Full name was D.I.M.S. Comm Station. Amataur but FUN! Imagine a network of platforms floating in outer space with a skybox spinning twice as fast as Face and on 3 axes. DIMS means "Doom Induced Motion Sickness" by the way.
    • DM-Tower - Something i rambled on and built over the course of like 6 months. No plans, just on the fly mapping.
  • UT2004
    • ONS-Stranglehold - My first 200x map. Terrain with a twist, i DO love hazards. Download
    • ONS-LunaticFringe - Big donut, big lava, but im not happy with it. Download
    • ONS-DeadSimple - My entry for the UnrealPlayground ONS mapping contest. No nodes, no vehicles. Download
    • ONS-Castaway - A nice day on your own private pacific isle. Can you tell i like round maps? Download
    • DM-Q1DM1 - Remake of DM1 "The Place of Two Deaths" from Quake originally made by Tim Willits Download
    • DM-Q1DM4 - Futuristic remix of DM4 "The Bad Place" from Quake. Goodbye lava, hello long karma-ridden fall! Originally by American McGee Download
    • DM-Q1DM5 - Remake of DM5 "The Cistern" from Quake originally by Tim Willits Download
    • DM-1on1-SlimeCo - 1 on 1 grudge match in a toxic waste recycling facility. Download
  • Under Construction for 2k4

Nothing at the moment

  • Planned for 2k4
    • DM-<Shhh, Sekrit> - A Duke3D map ive got my eye on rebuilding as soon as i can find someone to make a very simple static mesh for it.
    • DM-Q1DM2 - Claustrophobopolis, im thinking futuristic.
    • DM-Q1DM3 - The Abandoned Base, not looking forward to this at all. Its big and mean.
    • DM-Q1DM6 - Dark Zone, Ill probably do this one next, i have some cool ideas for special effects and lighting.


Tarquin: Hi! Welcome to unreal wiki :D

EntropicLqd: Hello and welcome. The Abandoned Base is one of my all time favourite maps.