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Postal 2 :: Object >> ErrandBase (Package: Postal2Game)

This object defines an errand. For example, go get some milk from the store on Monday. Some errands have multiple methods of completion which are defined by the ErrandGoals.



var() const String UniqueName 
Unique errand name so it can be referred to by script and level designers or testers
var() const bool bInitiallyActive 
Whether errand is initially active. Otherwise, gets activated during gameplay. If this is false it won't show up on the dude's "to-do list" until a certain point passes in the game... for example, the dude has goes to pick up his dry cleaning after he's kidnapped by the Rednecks and dressed in the Gimp Suit.
var() const name NameTex 
Texture to use for errand name
var() const name LocationTex 
(optional) Texture to use for errand location mark
var() const float LocationX 
(optional) X-coordinate on map for errand location
var() const float LocationY 
(optional) Y-coordinate on map for errand location
var() const name LocationCrossTex 
(optional) Texture to use to cross out errand
var() const float LocationCrossX 
(optional) X-coordinate to cross out errand on map
var() const float LocationCrossY 
(optional) Y-coordinate to cross out errand on map
var() const name IgnoreTag 
What actor tags to ignore before/after your completion.
var() const bool bIgnoreAfterCompletion 
If true, ignore IgnoreTag after errand completion, otherwise ignore IgnoreTag until after errand completion
var() const name DudeStartComment 
What the dude says when writing the comment
var() const name DudeWhereComment 
What dude says when he's looking for errand's location
var() const name DudeFoundComment 
What dude says when errand location found and marked
var() const name DudeCompletedComment 
What dude says when errand is complete
var() editinline array<ErrandGoal> Goals 
How the errand can be completed


var bool bCompleted 
Whether the errand was completed or not
var bool bActivated 
Whether the errand was activated or not
var bool bPremature 
When the errand was completed, you didn't do it in the best manner. (like you robbed the bank instead of waiting in line to cash your check)


function bool CheckForValidErrandGoals() 
Check to make sure each errand has at least one goal
function bool CheckForCompletion(Actor Other, Actor Another, Pawn ActionPawn, GameState CurGameState, out name CompletionTrigger) 
Checks to see if the errand has been completed by so action. If so, returns the name of a trigger to be triggered in CompletionTrigger
function bool IgnoreThisTag(Actor Other) 
Check to ignore this thing by its tag
function bool CheckForErrandUse(Actor Other) 
Check if Other is used by this errand
function bool IsComplete() 
Check if errand is complete
function SetComplete(bool bPrematureIn) 
Set errand as complete
function bool IsActive() 
Check whether errand is activated
function Activate() 
Activate errand
function AddMyHaters(GameState CurGameState, P2Player CurPlayer) 
Add the player hate groups for this errand
function ForceCompletion(GameState CurGameState, P2Player CurPlayer) 
Force an errand complete for testing
function ForceUnCompletion(GameState CurGameState) 
Force an errand un-complete for testing

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