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Postal 2 :: Object >> ErrandGoal (Package: Postal2Game)

Defines a goal for an errand.



var() name TriggerOnCompletionTag 
After the errand is complete, triggers all actors with the matching tag.
var() name HateClass 
After the errand is complete, this set of pawns will hate the player on sight.
var() name HateDesTex 
Texture for the description of the hate group
var() name HatePicTex 
Texture for a picture of the hate group
var() name HateComment 
Sound for dude commenting on hate group.

Known Subclasses[edit]

+- ErrandGoalGetInvClass
|  +- ErrandGoalGetAmmoMax
|  +- ErrandGoalGetInvClassFromPerson
+- ErrandGoalGetPickup
|  +- ErrandGoalDropOffPickup
+- ErrandGoalGiveInventory
+- ErrandGoalKillMe
+- ErrandGoalTag
+- ErrandGoalTalkTo
+- ErrandGoalTriggeredAction
+- ErrandGoalUrineQuotaMet

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