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Hey everyone I'm new to this site(obviously):P I have been making maps for about 6 years now and have gained quite a good understanding on how to make proffesional quality maps. I have made a few maps but lost them since I did not have the internet to submit them but I have been working on a map for the last few months that should impress some people. I am in need of some beta testers for my map before I publicly submit it. I will be sure to put each and every one of your names in the readme file if you help me. If anyone is interested just send me an email at


Here are some pics of my current level I've been working on for a while. Tell me what you think

The map is nearly complete but not completly. Will post here as soon as I am done though.

Map Downloads[edit]

UT99 Maps

DM-Aztec -

2k4 Maps

DM-Collude -

Map Making Tips[edit]

Ok I'm not sure if there is anywhere else on the site that has anything like this posted but I thought I would add it in. For anyone interested on some tips on how to make a decent map I'll try and help.

First off do not build very large rooms that have giant open walls, floors and ceilings. These kind of things will always make the playr boredbecause there is no eye candy. Fill your level with lots of enviromental things(hanging plants, cobwebs, hanging lights, ect.) Also add lots of ambient sounds to enhance the realism of the map. Another thing that many noob map makers always tend to do is when they make their level they tend to have no light sources. Always put in light sources it looks much better. When making a Death Match level it is usually a good idea to make multiple levels that the player can access where they are not limited to only one floor. Door.

Make sure the player always has a good number of directions to choose from, this quickens the game play and also gives the player more to choose from. But make sure to not over do it as it may confuse the player if the level is loaded with hundreds of halways going every direction. The use of coronas is also one thing that any good map is not without. Make sure to place them wisely and precisely though. Dont make the corona blind the site of the player unless this is for some reason intended by the mapper. Be sure to add lots of decoration to your maps to make the world around the player seem more real. Never fill a room with 500 static meshes as it will decrease gameplay a lot. Keep your map organized at all times or even the crator of the map will begin to get tiresome of it after a while. Always put gameplay at the top of the list for your map. After youve gotten the gameplay down you can begin work on the eye candy. put in interesting little spots that catch the players attention, some maps put glowing eyes under the stairs or some maps put in flying birds. Whatever you can do to make the map seem more like a real place as long as it keeps a good game flow is a good thing.


MythOpus: Welcome To Teh Wikeh :P

Evilmrfrank: Sorry I guess I should have posted which game the map is for. :P It is for the original Unreal Tournament 99. I will switch it over to 2k4 when I get the time but for now its under the old one.

Evilmrfrank: If anyone has anything to add feel free to post it here. Its very unorganized as well.:P

MythOpus: Well, you can add that info about you mapping for UT99 in the intro para you know. Edits on the wiki aren't one time only edits... You can change anything anytime you wish...

Evilmrfrank: It is not entirely for UT99 as it talks about static meshes as well. It is pretty much for any game that has deathmatch. I will add more later on into this section as I was kinda rushed at the time I wrote this.

Graphik: Very nice map. :tup: You're more creative than I.

Evilmrfrank: Ok is it just me or is this site a whole lot more dead then I last remembered it?

Evilmrfrank: I released my newest map a few weeks back DM-Collude. Here is the link if anyone is interested:)