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Unreal Engine Links[edit]

Official sites[edit]

General Unreal sites[edit]

Content creation[edit]




Editing forums[edit]

Mapping forums[edit]

Mod-specific forums[edit]


  • Nali City – Map review site
  • ModSquad – Mod and mutator review site (check the old
  • ModSquad – site for most Unreal and UT mod reviews)

IRC channels[edit] : :

  • #NerfArena – Nerf ArenaBlast [ ]

Deus Ex Sites[edit]


  • – Offical Deus Ex site.
  • – Offical Deus Ex 2 site.
  • Deus-Ex.Org – Your daily dose of Deus! From daily news, tutorials to DXMP Information, server stats and Deus Ex 2 Information and screenshots.
  • – Another news site with articles, interviews etc.
  • – Every good game must have a Planet side that will try to rule the world. Has almost everything you need.


Nerf ArenaBlast sites[edit]


  • - The biggest and most famous Nerf ArenaBlast website online! It has everything.. News, Maps, Downloads, Screenshots, Wallpapers, Cheats, Forums... and a lot of more!


Other Unreal engine games[edit]

  • Rune – with invisible scrollbars. One recent thread is "Jc Denton Found Naked, Drunk, Passed Out In Ditch.". Go figure.

Wiki Links[edit]

Places that aren't about Unreal, but are recommended for people interested in Wikis.

Other Wikis[edit]

You might also check out our TourBusStop, and a huge list of wikis at YpsiEyeball:PublicWikis.

Sites we like[edit]

  • SeriousEngine, a wiki about the Serious engine, using Wikipedia's software, and citing Unreal Wiki as an influence :D

Related Topics[edit]


Jeeptrash: Next job is to add some kind of emphasis for sites that have some UT2K3 info over those that just have old UT pages. Also, will reorder some of the subsections to make a bit more sense.

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