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Field of View[edit]

Field of View or Field of Vision (FoV) is the angle of your view in the world.

Legacy fov.gif

Changing the FoV will cause the view to zoom in/out. A smaller FoV would be more zoomed in.

You can set the player's FoV by setting Pawn (UT).FovAngle or calling PlayerPawn.SetFOVAngle (the latter is replicated to clients, the former isn't).

Phantasmagorium: Wouldn't it be possible to use a key bind to, say, z, and have that set to edit your FOV so that you zoom in with weapons with no scope? I seem to remember being able to do this before, but forget how to set up UT2k3 so I can do it. Hehe.

Foxpaw: You can do that, but I believe setting your FOV is considered a "cheat" and has to be expressly enabled on the server to allow it. On botmatches it should work fine.

Phantasmagorium: Thats mainly what I do, seeing as even with my DSL I lag really bad sometimes. It's funny to take the rocket launcher and blow off a snipers head though :)