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This mutator makes players fatter or thinner depending on the ratio of the number of times they die to the number of times they get a kill. Everytime a player scores a kill the player will get a little fatter. Everytime a player dies they will get a little thinner.

This mutator simply makes good players easier to see - it doesn't change the size of the player's collision cylinder.

Methods Inherited From Mutator[edit]

ScoreKill (Pawn (UT) Killer, Pawn (UT) Other) 
This function is responsible for making players fatter and thinner. It does this by changing the Actor.Fatness property. For each kill a player will get 10 "units" fatter up to a maximum of 255. For each death a player will get 10 "units" thinner down to a minimum of 60. Just for reference the default value for Fatness is 128.