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Some of the latest cool pages on the Unreal Wiki:

Old Skool Monsta Toolz 
Information base for the OSMT toolset, including the OSM Adventure gametype. Complex creature AI support in UT2004, plus much more.
The search page has been fixed.
an UnrealScript Wikipedia:Unit Testing Framework, being developed by El Muerte.
Wiki Integration/Browser Search 
Search the wiki directly from your web browser. Firefox users can install a plugin for the search bar.
Adds preprocessor features not possible with UCC.
Lightbloom rendering for UT2004.
essential app for working with terrain
Static Mesh Package/Index 
Find the static mesh you're looking for quickly and easily.
Reloading Weapons 
Mr Evil shares insight and source code
Offline Wiki 
download the whole site as a zip.
UnrealScript Grammar 
EBNF specification for UnrealScript
Creating A Terrain 
has had an extensive rewrite. Shows you how to create a terrain in minutes!
a programming language written in UnrealScript

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