My program doesn't have bugs. It just develops random features.


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HI ya![edit]

well hiya everybody... this is Feid.

25 May 2006[edit]

I'am back!!!

Sorry i did't get time to get involved in this wiki alot for reasons concerning SchoolWork, and other Troubles.


AGE: 15


JOB: Student

Interests: <Unreal,Quake,Doom,Half-life>Mapping and <ASM(x86),C,C++,PERL,PASCAL,COBOL,QBASIC,VB,VBA,Uscript,Java,HTML,Css,XHTML,Javascript,shellscripts(BASH,SH,CSH)>Programming..

Other interests: Reading & Writing also like to listen to PLANETROCK Music!!!!

Hobbys: Mapping For UT , Programming ,Creative Writing... everything UT and Half-life (any-version)

Skills: Mapping ideas and mapping and Programming also I Create websites for Free for companys ..etc

For Future Refrence[edit]


Is there a Problem with the Offline wikipage as all the updates seem to be old?


[@]to be placed here

Tarquin: Hi. Welcome to Unreal Wiki :)

Feid: Hi Tarquin, Thanks!

Feid: Well heck, this was a blast from the past, I spent so many hours on this site, when I was younger. 21 now and no time to enjoy UT anymore.