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UT2003 :: Object >> GUI >> GUIFont (Package: XInterface)

GUIFont is used to give a single pipeline for handling fonts at multiple resolutions while at the same time supporting resolution independant fonts (for browsers, etc).


string KeyName 
This is the name used for lookup.
bool bFixedSize 
If true, only FontArray[0] is used.
array<string> FontArrayNames 
Holds all of the names of the fonts.
array<Font> FontArrayFonts 
Holds all of the fonts.


Font GetFont( int XRes ) [native,event] 
Returns the font for the current resolution.
Font LoadFontStatic( int i ) [static] 
Dynamically loads a font from default.FontArrayNames into default.FontArrayFonts and returns it.
Font LoadFont( int i ) 
Dynamically loads a font from FontArrayNames into FontArrayFonts and returns it.

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