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UT2003 :: GUI >> GUIComponent >> GUIListBase >> GUIVertList >> GUIList >> GUIScrollText (Package: XInterface)

This class is really only used as part of a GUIScrollTextBox.


Public Properties[edit]

bool bClickText 
Upon clicking on this text box, fill in ClickedString field.
bool bNoTeletype 
Dont do the teletyping effect at all.
bool bRepeat 
Should the sequence be repeated ?
float CharDelay 
This is the delay between each character. Regardless of this property characters are never displayed faster than 1 char per frame.
string ClickedString 
Filled in (if bClickText is true) when user clicks on a word.
float EOLDelay 
This is the delay to use when reaching end of a line.
float InitialDelay 
Initial delay after new content was set.
int MaxHistory 
Maximum number of rows. Only used in conjunction with NewText. 0 indicates no limit.
string NewText 
New text to add at the end of the current text.
float RepeatDelay 
This is used after all the text has been displayed and bRepeat is true.
string Separator 
Line separator to use.

Protected Properties[edit]

bool bNewContent 
This is set when new text content has been set for the control.; bool bStopped : Tells when the sequence has stopped animating (can be rushed by clicking ?)
string Content 
This is the content to display in 1 single string.
int oldWidth 
Last width of the display area.
eScrollState ScrollState 
What was the last action we did.
int VisibleChars 
How many chars in the last displayed line are visible.
int VisibleLines 
This is the number of visible lines.





OnEndOfLine ( ) 


Inherited From GUIComponent[edit]

Timer ( ) 
EOLDelay is the end of line delay, it will wait that long until display text on the next line.

New Methods[edit]

EndScrolling ( ) 
string GetWordUnderCursor ( ) 
InitComponent (GUIController MyController, GUIComponent MyOwner) 
bool InternalOnClick (GUIComponent Sender) 
bool InternalOnKeyEvent (out byte Key, out byte State, float delta) 
bool InternalOnKeyType (out byte Key, optional string Unicode) 
Restart ( ) 
SetContent (string NewContent, optional string sep) 
bool SkipChar ( ) 
Stop ( ) 

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