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DX :: Object (DX) >> Actor (DX) >> Info (DX) >> GameInfo (Engine)

default game info is normal single player

Differences from UT[edit]

  • bVeryLowGore is not globalconfig in DX
  • DX doesn't have bExternalBatcher() property
  • DX doesn't have MessageMutator()
  • EnabledMutators is global in UT, local to GetRules() function in DX.
  • UT's AdminLogout() function has new stuff
    • DX doesn't do stuff if Admin password is empty string, don't know why
  • UT's GetInfo() function has new stuff for WorldLogging, DX doesn't
  • GetRules() function in DX, looks like it always does the mutator looping, EnabledMutators isn't defined outside of the function
  • Login() event slightly different
  • AddDefaultInventory() a little different
  • Killed() function changed
  • no RegisterMessageMutator() function in DX
  • PickupQuery changed in UT (no Mutator stuff in DX)
  • UT adds new stuff to AllowsBroadcast() function
  • Endgame() function different, DX has no mutator stuff here
  • usual differences in defaultproperties, but IPPolicies looks very different (an array in UT, not in DX?)