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Unreal Universe Timeline[edit]

Here follows a history leading up to the present time:

  • 2215 New Earth Government formed to battle Skaarj Empire.
  • 2216 The famous '7 days Siege' of earth, who ended in a victory over the Skaarj empire.
  • 2241 "Strider Wars" won by sacrificing a planet. (Unreal2)
  • 2251 The 'Cloning tank' used in the Tournament gets invented. (Unreal2, i think. Just dont remember that scene to well, you know, where the Marshal get to train fighting in the tutorial. Please fill it out someone who remember the details)
  • 2267 In the Green's World Rebellion, three thousand miners revolt against harsh working conditions.
  • 2283 The infamous AI uprising on LBX-7683. (UT2004)
  • 2291 'Consensual murder' legalized, and the Liandri corporation start to broadcast the 'Tournament'. (UT)
  • 2293 Malcolm, a human, becomes Champion in the 'Tournament'. (UT)
  • 2302 Gorge, another human, becomes Champion of the 'Tournament'. (UT2003)
  • 2303 Xan Kriegor returns to the 'Tournament', winner still not declared.

(But something tells me it going to be Jakob)


Unknown: (author?) Mostly taken from www.UnrealTournament.com

Tarquin: when you say "taken", do you mean "copied", or "using informating from"?

Legal: I can't speak for anyone, but here's the source I guess: http://www.unrealtournament.com/general/timeline.php

Looks like copied to me.

empty_other: Sorry people, its clean copied for the moment, im going to work and extend it, detailing it a bit, was my plan. Its too focused on UT2003/2004 view. Just looking trough Unreal, UT99 and UT2004 for more details right now...

empty_other: That was really what i had in mind, as theyrs timeline was way to focused on UT2004, and not the general story... Cant get much from ut99 and unreal though, as it seem that my computer rejects the Unreal engine suddenly.

Raikoh: The "Cloning Tank" in Unreal 2 wasn't a cloning tank, it was a holographic simulator. Think of the combat tutorial in Unreal 2 as being similar to laser tag, only instead of fake guns, fake people.

Wormbo: I don't think the UnrealWiki is the place for in-game history lessons. Stuff like this belongs on BeyondUnreal's Liandri Archives wiki.

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