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Well im Ghost3021 alot of peoples ask me what 3021 stands for, and i say: its counting down from 3 to 0 except its scrambled so i can remember it. ;)

I've been mapping for just over a year now, and have coded UScript for 9 monthsish.

Though my first 10 months of mapping were spent in UEd3, i have been finding myself more fond of UT99's UEd2, the lack of support for high poly meshes mean that my sucky UT2k4 maps look 1337 on a 7-year old game. ;)

I am currenty animating for MVPB, and mapping in sorts for T1's slaughter.

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Ghost3021:Well, here I am. Consider me a newbie to the wiki, I hope over time others will learn as I have over the course of my "Great UEd Journey" :p