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Here's how to make a ghost for your level. Just download The Page with the Zip File and follow the instructions. This will be featured in my new and first (probably last too) release for UT

The ghost in an area with no lights
The ghost with the searchlight pointed at it



Tarquin: a few of points, Icedude:

  • instead of the info.jpg picture of settings, do this:
    1. select the ghost actor in your map
    2. copy it
    3. paste to a text editor
    4. you'll get a list of all the properties that differ from the default.
    5. a bit of editing (or search & replace) will turn it into a Wiki definition list ( with ; : ) for this page
  • you can post the instrcutions here too
  • the zip with the PCX can hosted here if you like.


  • neeto! gota use that in my next level!