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HELP! Apparently cookies were cleared while I was gone and I can't find my bleepin password. My user number is 2556. How do I log in to fix this? I think I created a user called 2556 with an ID of 3??? by mistake. Yep. Um. Crud. What do I do? Respond here I guess.

Tarquin: Just try logging in again – there's a special log in page, it's not done at the Preferences page. Do you know your password? If not, I can grab it off the server & mail it to you.

Well. I am back from my trip. Holidays are upon us though so I doubt I'll get to much until the new year. Just skimming over the tons of new work people have done and grabbing some files to try over the holidays, like Spatial Fear and some of the new maps for UT2k3. Patches too. Updated the Milkshape page. I never got around to thinking about wiki organization but I have some neat stuff lined up on the modelling front. Enjoy the holidays!

-Dec 23, 2002-

Wow. So it has been a week I guess and lots of fun adding, editing, etc. I have left up my original post for my own record. I have a handle on markup, etc. and gotten a sense of where I can make some decent contributions. Unfortunately, I am going to be away on a trip for 2 1/2 weeks or so and I am not even at my own machine right now. That means alot of what I am planning has to wait until I get back in mid-Dec. Nevertheless, I ought to be able to organize during the down times travelling. Gotta love index cards.

So far what I intend on doing is putting up info on getting meshes from Milkshape3D into Unreal/UT/UT2003 and from Wings3D, putting up a player model tutorial for UT based on a model I have been working on (and off) forever, and putting up a tutorial on player models for UT2003. I have saved lots of material (in progress shots, etc.) for the model I have, but the UT2003 one is going to be from scratch and so will likely take longer and go up in pieces. I also want to flesh out the Package Extension Catalog with as much info as I have and can find, try to get all the Unreal Engine Games listed there and on the Unreal Engine Versions page, and put up all the links I have buried around my computer to forums related to various other Unreal engine games.

I also intend to give some thought to how the wiki might be better organized to provide info across the various versions. Right now some of the info is clearly specified as for UT or UT2003 but I think that the whole wiki might need some serious reorganizing if it is to handle the 3 main engine versions (Unreal/UT, UT2003, and Unreal2) as well as be a resource for other games (which I think it should be). There is so much duplication of effort on the net and in the Unreal community that could be avoided. I think this wiki could easily become the biggest and best resource for Unreal Engine games on the net even if there are single better tutorials or docs on other sites. It is ever so close to being that already.

Well that sounds like enough for the rest of this year at least, since it doesn't even include my non-wiki UT projects :). Truth is I bet I get wiki stuff finished first since it is easy to define what needs to be done for those ideas.


minor rant> It really sucks that MayaPLE won't run on WinME. I have long hesitated to upgrade to WinXP since I change around hardware alot (drives mostly). Also WinXP costs money, needs tons of patches, and really offers me only minimum benefits over a basically stable OS (for me at least). I also don't want to lose out the use of stuff that doesn't work with XP which I gather is a lot. I'd like the crash protection (it works nice on my friend's comp), the better use of my RAM (I have 768MB, hacked for WinME), and the use of some tools that are WinXP specific (besides MayaPLE) but... It just seems stramge that Maya would have a Learning Edition and then cut out a large chunk of users who don't have WinXP. I really wanted to try Maya out and it seemed like the production pipeline would be way better than what I have now (which is a mess). Oh well. Anybody have advice feel free to comment below under Comments.

My first post (saved for posterity):

This is where I might actually put some stuff. Wormbo was kind enough to welcome me and get me going. Wiki Markup is cool stuff. Unreal and all its permutations are VERY cool stuff. Now I have a place on the web that will be easy to update! No website hassles. I always wanted a full site but wikis are so nice and easy, and most importantly for me (being pressed for time) quick and simple. I decided the Unreal Wiki is the wiki of choice for me, as its main subject matter is also the main center of gravity for many of my interests and hobbies. Not only that but wikis also provide room for much else besides, thus I don't feel constrained. I am not sure I'll actually put up anything besides Unreal related stuff, but I do feel free to. I also find it nice to join a community of people I have great respect for and whose work I have always admired. I guess I actually did put something. Well not useful yet but I'll get there. See you around!



Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki, Githianki. :) Please add yourself to the Project Contributors list.

Hee. Hi :). You made me a page. Goodie, cause I wasn't exactly sure how to, or actually where from to, if you know what I mean.

Wormbo: Play around with Wiki Markup on the Sandbox page, you can do some pretty nifty stuff with it. :)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hi and welcome to the wiki! :) :tup: