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Applications used for working with textures and Texture creation:



Extremely powerful and easy to use seamless tiling texture editing software.

Impact Texture Studio[edit]


Another simple but powerful program for creating seamless tiling textures.



Very powerful creation program - not the easiest to use but once you're started you can produce good stuff.






A program for creating "Fully Editable Procedural Maps." Looks pretty cool, if you want to pay 295$, 249€. Dont be confused, free stuff is just plugins

The GIMP[edit]

GNU license.

Very powerful graphics editing program comparable to Photoshop, and completely free. Works best under Linux, but other platforms are available. The Windows version used to be flaky but has become pretty stable.

For more detailed information and installation instructions for various platforms, see The GIMP page.



Kind of a texture wrapping utility...


Commercial Product

No description required. Probably the best graphics editor about.

The Clouds and Difference Clouds filters create nice Terrain heightmaps!

Paint Shop Pro[edit]

Commercial Product. (Evaluation copy available for download)

Getting better with each release. Almost comparable to PhotoShop. Unfortunately it's also becoming just as expensive.


Freeware package

Just translated into English (from Japanese). More "airbrush" style then "drawing" style.

(Untitled) Image Utilities[edit] THIS LINK IS DEAD can anyone update it?


A collection of previoulsy commercial products bundled into one package. The ~10M download includes Eleblend (terrain texture blending, artificial texture aging), Ripple Rain (animated water ripple bump maps, animated alpha channel rain maps), Mosaica (creates mosaic with matching bump map), Gradient Thief (multicolor gradients from existing images; good for skyboxes perhaps), and UT Screenshot Assistant (a batch resize/thumbnail image processor with image correction).

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Reader questions[edit]

DawnTreader: Is there any programs out there that allow for hieght map creation? I tried one but it wasnt a real paint program and had an aweful way of creating terrain. I want to be able to design with ease a hieght map and import it. Any suggestions?

DawnTreader: I am going to check out the one mentioned here, eleblend. it looks promising.

Bob_The_Beheader: I've used Terragen Terragen Website to make heightmaps, but the software is more focused on, as they say on their website, "photorealistic results for professional landscape visualisation, special effects, art and recreation." In other words, you can make pretty pictures, but it's difficult to use for any other application. You can't export the heightmaps into anything UnrealEd can import, as far as I know. I usually end of taking a screenshot (the PrintScreen key) of the hieghtmap, and then cropping everything else on the screen and saving it as a .bmp .