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ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hi and welcome to the wiki! :) :tup:

Wormbo: Hi and welcome! :) Erm ZxAn, do you actually find all the new people on the Recent Changes page or do you just add pages for everyone who sets a username for him/herself and therefore appears at the bottom of each page?

ZxAnPhOrIaN: :/ I find new people on the bottom of the page and on the right of the Recent Changes page.

Wormbo: Please don't grab them off the bottom of the pages. Wait 'till they edited something so we can see how many people really added stuff to the Wiki.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: OK. (My bad! :( )

Tarquin: Yup, it's best to wait till they edit. Otherwise they may get a little freaked out! (well, they will anyway... but you see what I mean)