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Hi everyone!

My first experience with the unreal engine was when I opened deusex.ini once just for fun and thought, this must be a hell of an engine.. (I think this was some time in 2001)

Shortly after that, I heard about the DX SDK, and downloaded it immediately. I used UnrealEd ever since..

Before that, I've experimenting with Worldcraft, creating some half life maps. I hated the way the editing worked with worldcraft.

I'm currently working on a mod for Deus Ex (I know that's a little late, but who cares anyway?) so I'm mainly interested in the Unreal 1 Engine.. I don't know too much about the other versions of the engine, but I try to improve wiki pages that lack information about the unreal 1 engine.

I'm currently experimenting with native unreal classes, and will probably add some pages about that topic when I'm finished (there doesn't seem to be much in this wiki about native coding)

I am looking forward for Eidos to release the DX2 SDK...

You can check out my deus ex site here: http://deusex.hcesperer.org


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