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29 APR 2003[edit]

I got one reply from a coder interested in my mod, we chatted, but i never heard back from the guy.

Oh well, i was so close to having the last coding slot filled. Well i picked up 2 guys who will

doing 2D work for us on a "freelance" basis. I have been working on the fighter models, and fleet

ship models. I knew it would be tough putting a team together....and now i REALLY know how hard it

is. Checking 6-7 forums 2-3 times a day to see if anyone replied to my request posts, and finding

new forums to pimp the mod in. Every day I am encouraged b/c of the positive response the mod gets.

No one tells me idea sucks....thats a start, right?


my mod is Space Conflict, a game that combines Descent, with BF1942, and X-Wing/Tie-Fighter.

right now the team has 3 members; myself and 2 coders.

I have been making many models for the game, mainly fighters and large battle fleet ships.

They are all low poly (160-600 polys depending on the ship). I know your thinking 160 polys?

But the model look decent and will be nice when it's skinned. Im keeping the poly count low

because of the way the game is setup. There will not be many zones b/c it is all in space,

and you can see all the ships. Im not sure how the game will handle each player in their own

vehicle AND many HUGE sized fleet ships. I mean these things are probably the largest meshes

used in UT2003 so far. Each one takes over a minute to run across.

any thoughts on how the engine will handle 20-30 large static meshes on screen at once? most

of them will be vehicles....

more on this later


DJPaul: Sorry to post a comment on your journal, but, "any thoughts on how the engine will handle 20-30 large static meshes on screen at once" - depends: if they are the same model, you will notice the same performance hit as if you had just one static mesh. If they are differentl, each will have to be loaded, thus using more memory.

HarvesterUT oh dont worry about commenting, thats what its for! well i figure each faction will have 3-4 different fighters, and

at any given time there might be 4-6 DIFFERENT large static meshes in there as thats maybe 10-12 diff meshes on screen at once.

i figure the upper limit on most large ships will be 1000 and the fighters will be like 300. you also gotta figure that if 12-16 people

are playing at the same time they each have their own player models and their own vehicle.

Original9: I wouldn't worry about the polycount. If your models are running around with 2048x2048 textures that takes up a lot of memory bandwidth. If you haves models with 3000~ polys and a 512x512 it'll most likely run fast then a model with 1500~ with 1024x1024. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. ;)

MythOpus: Harvester man, wut happend to the mod ? I go away for awhile , I come back and a new mod for UT2k4 is being made ????