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The HoldObjective actor is used in the Assault gametype. General setup is the same as other objectives; However, to disable it, it must receive the event that matches its tag. This usually occurs when a door or gate is opened. This is done by setting the HoldObjective's MoverTag to the appropriate mover's tag then setting that mover's event to match the HoldObjective's tag. The time it takes to complete the objective is determined by the mover's MoveTime.

If this setup is done properly, several things will occur when a player is in the collision radius of the HoldObjective actor. Firstly, the appropriate mover will begin to move. Second, the bars around the circle in front of the objective instructions at the top of the screen will begin to go away. As this is happening, a siren alerts players that is being held. When the mover is done moving, the objective is complete. At which point the HoldObjectives event is sent and the next GameObjective in the list is enabled.

Note: The sound effects for the siren cannot be changed through the Default Properties however, it can be changed by if you create a subclass and override the appropriate function.

Specific Properties[edit]

  • bLocationFx
  • MoverTag

Associates a mover with the HoldObjective. See above.

Relevant Actors[edit]