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I'm Russell "Hsoolien Sgarm" Ward

I've been part of the UTxx commmunity as a mapper for UT99 (CTF-Knot, CTF-Knot][ and DM-UC-Lunar, I think they are all on Unreal Playgorund) and a coder for UT2004 (once I realized I was not cut out to be a high poly mapper)

I am also admin at which is temprarily foobared by a recent hack at PU and the fact that either one of us admins (myself or Rev) always seem to be having some sort of RL crisis. I'm a regular at the ina/atari UT200xboards.

My UScript like all my knowledge is about 90% Selt taught with the WIKI making up about 50% of the remaining 10%

Current projects of mine include:

Random Vehicle Factory

Explosive/Destoyable Health

Health GoopGun

Onslaught Vehicle Plus

Trans Redeemer

Vehicle Ejector

vCTF Flag Control

HSO InstaGib

Guest Book[edit]

EntropicLqd: Hi, Welcome to the Wiki, enjoy your stay. Glad you've found the Wiki useful so far.